My name is Lydia Poer. Welcome to my blog, PoerlyRead! I am a 21-year-old writer and aspiring editor living in Texas with my dog, Titus! I graduated from undergrad in May 2020, in the thick of the pandemic when people were still taking it “seriously”, and was cooped up at my parents house for few months, and then moved into an apartment and have been stuck here since! As the quarantine eases up a bit, I’ll hopefully getting more life experiences that I can share with you here.

Storytelling is my passion – I love to either tell a polished story on a page or in a post, or to just sit and chat with whoever comes my way about anything we please. I thrive off getting to know people and their experiences, learning from them in order to better myself and make my worldview more rounded.

On this blog, I’m going to post frequent book reviews, discussions on writer’s life, and thoughts on my own life. I’m currently in the middle of the Creative Writing MA program at Wilkes University, and I’m reading tons of books as I work on my thesis! I’ll post my thoughts on each one as I go along.

You can always find me on social media – @lydiapoer_ on Twitter and @lydiapoer on Instagram are my most used. I hope you enjoy my posts, and if you love what you read, share with your friends!

Lydia x


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